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Well Project in Awuku Gua, Eastern Region, Ghana
Operation Blessing International - Living Water Projects: Ghana
  • Dedication: August 31, 2012
  • Village: Awuku Gua, Akiwapem North Municipal District, Eastern Region
  • Plaque Inscription: Sponsored by small beginnings BIG RESULTS
    in honor of FEIK School of Pharmacy, San Antonio, Texas, Faculty, Staff, & Students
  • Approximate population of the village: 2,500
  • Number of beneficiaries of this project: 2,500
  • Closest water source before this project: Before receiving the Living Water well,
    the people depended on a stream that was down in a valley about 2 km away from their homes,
    so that the water had to be carried uphill to the village.
Descripton of the Project: A new well was constructed and provide dwith a Nira hand pump.

Descripton of the village & people: Awuku Gua is a village situated on the hills of the Akwiapem Land. The people are farmers who raise mainly cassava, maize, and plantains. Their houses are build of mud (adobe) blocks and roofed with zinc sheets. There is a school in the village that serves the children.

Description of the well dedication & Salvations: Attendees were taken through a presentation of the Gospel and reminded of the coming of the Lord Jesus. They were advised to turn away from their old ways and surrender to the Lord. Those who made decisions to live for the Lord were prayed for and advised to fellowship with any Bible believing church of their choice. Almost 90 people attended the ceremony. 13 people made decisions for the Lord.
Expressions of Appreciation:
Nana Opese, Chief of the Village: "I thank you on behalf of the entire community for this wonderful work that you have done for us. May God richly bless you!"
Fred Aquah, farmer: "We thank you for what you have done for the entire life of this community. Getting access to good water has become our challenge, and because of the terrain, the people had to go downhill to get water. It was dangerous. So we thank you for your good work."
Funds for this well were raised by the students, faculty, and staff of the Feik School of Pharmacy, University of the Incarnate Word, San Antonio, Texas, USA, under the leadership of Dr. Arcelia Johnson-Fanin, founding Dean of the School. Read about their project in the university's magazine, The Word Online.
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